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I am so many things, yet I am nothing. I am a heartbeat with soul. I am woman with purpose. I am intellect possessing the power to heal lives with my tongue, birth futures with my hips. I. Am. Beauty with eyes so bright you can see your reflection in; skin sun-kissed by the lips of God; pain hidden so deep within this smile…illuminating the hearts of men showing no sign of weakness…I am strength. Mother to his legacy. Ruler of his nation. I am Queen without her King. I am love with the power to motivate. I. Am. Woman. Breeder of life. Creator of vision. I am all these things and more, and yet I am still nothing.I AM (3)Dedicated to uplifting, empowering and motivating women to live life on their own terms through confidence building and personal development.

As women we are often lead to believe that a decision must be made between having a career or having a family, but in no way are we allowed to have both. We are lead to believe that our only primary goal or “function” should to be get married and birth man’s seed. However, we are so much more than our childbearing hips capable of achieving any and everything that we set our minds to.

Do not let fear overcome you. Do not let man overpower you.

You are equal.

You are beautiful.

You are smart.

You are powerful.

Life flows through your veins resting in the beat of your heart.

You are woman.

Strong and mighty.

Live confidently.